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The Nadal X Vermell is chosen best vermell Xarel•lo by the wine guide of Catalonia 2017
The White Nadal X is among the top four Xarel•los of Penedès and consolidates the successful line of fine white wines of the Torrelavit winery
Nadal makes available to the public the RNG10 cava, a Gran Reserva with over ten years of ageing in the bottle
A success for the first presentation of the new Nadal RNG 10 in the Picasso Museum in Barcelona
This new cava, which will be released in September, transmits the principles and the personality of the founder and the commitment of the new generations to these values.
Nadal takes a decisive step towards organic viticulture
March 2016
Nadal strengthens its wine tourism offer with a fun and easy arrival at the winery
February 2016
Gran Salvatge, the new Magnum cava Gran Reserva
Nadal Wins Swedish Tender for Cava Gran Reserva
X de Nadal, a new wine 100% red xarel•lo
The appearance of this new product on the market has been tapped to unify the name and label of the two dry wines made by the cellar, which are already being marketed with the label of integrated viticulture
The first wines from the Nadal of integrated viticulture
Caves Nadal receives the maximum tourist quality distinction
February 2015
Nadal Magnum Brut G.R. 2004, elected the best cava brut by the Guide Vins de Catalunya 2015
November 2014
Nadal gets the certificate of excellence of Tripadvisor, the world's largest travel and leisure web
August 2014
Nadal Xarel·lo 2013, 2nd best xarel·lo of the 48th contest of quality wines from Prenedès
April 23, 2014
Wine and Food Pairing
Saturday, 1st June 2013
Nadal Xarel.lo 2012, considered one of the best white wines of Catalonia.
Friday, 11th October 2013
Nadal finishes the 2013 harvest and describes it as "memorable".
10th October 2013
Nadal wins a gold medal at the China Wine and Spirits Awards 2013 for its cava Reserva Semi-Sec.
7 october 2013
Xavier Nadal asks the Vice-President to have the Government promote wine tourism as a "country brand".
6 september 2013
By means of individual works, ten Catalan jewellery students link the values of the Penedès and Caves Nadal with contemporary art.
Wednesday, 3rd july 2013
Nadal organizes a crash course at Vilafranca's Museum Vinseum to foster the awareness of the benefits of the cork in wine and cava.
Saturday, 9th March 2013
Nadal runs out of Xarel.lo 2011, which was awarded the platinum medal at the Quality Wines Contest of the Wine Tasting Academy of the DO Penedès.
January 2012
Nadal's Xarel.lo 2012 is already on the market
Wednesday,13th February 2013
Caves Nadal recapta 1.700 euros en les dues iniciatives solidàries organitzades per La Marató de TV3 contra el càncer.

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