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How to mantain and serve Cava

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Guarantee of Quality

The exhaustive control of the entire process, from the harvesting of our grapes to the moment the cava is consumed, allows us to guarantee optimum quality for the cava contained in each and every bottle. In order to maintain the cava’s properties and enjoy it at its best, please follow this advice:

1. Conservation
Cava maintains its properties best if it is kept inside its box, in a dark place where the temperature and humidity level remain constant. It is best kept in the coolest place in the house.

2. Vertical Position
Thanks to over 70 years of experience producing cava and our determination to ensure our quality standards are maintained, we have discovered that our cavas are best stored in a vertical position. This rather unusual piece of advice, which originated from our winery, has since been followed by a large number of different brands.

3. Keep it cool
Do not put the cava in the freezer, since it will ruin the aromas and flavours. Use an ice bucket with water and ice; in 30 minutes your cava will reach the perfect temperature. If the bottle has been stored in the fridge, it will always be just right for immediate consumption.

4. How to open the bottle
First remove the foil covering the cork and then untwist the restraint that secures the cork in place. Hold the cork with one hand and twist the bottle around with the other. It is best to hold the bottle by its base.

5. Perfect temperature
Cava is best drunk cold, but never frozen. A young cava should be served at a temperature of between 6-8ºC; a Gran Reserva should be served at a temperature of 8-9ºC.

6. The glass
A high-quality cava deserves a high-quality glass. The ideal glass is a tulip-shaped flute, transparent and made from the finest glass possible. This enhances the perception of the flavours by helping the bouquet to explode.

7. Enjoy our cava
Fill the glass half-full, to ensure the cava stays at the right temperature and thus enhance your enjoyment. Look at the fine bubbles, appreciate the colour, without moving the glass you can smell the aromas, swirl it around your mouth for a few seconds to enjoy its nuances...

8. The silver spoon myth
It is not true that if you put a silver spoon in the neck of a bottle the cava will stay fresh and sparkling. If you have not finished the bottle, you should use a special stopper.

9. Wash the glass
Rinse the glass with hot water without any washing-up liquid and let it dry. Washing-up liquid and glass cleaners reduce the surface tension and prevent bubbles forming.

10. At the table
Treat Nadal’s cava with the care and respect that this high-quality product deserves. Ask others to do likewise.


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